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Renown Abiquiu artist Debra Fritts hand makes these clay vessels, about the size of a shot glass, with artistic carvings on both sides.  Priced individually.  Four designs: raven, snake, deer, and lady with flower.


Debra's art is shown in galleries in New Mexico, Utah and Tennessee. "

As a child I had dirt under my fingernails. I continue to allow the earth to feed me information for my art and daily living. Working intuitively from pounds of wet clay, forms appear and stories develop. I may be questioning an occurrence or celebrating a relationship or just being present in daily life. The search continues until I reach the core: the spiritual level of the sculpture. Then the work can speak. At the present, I am exploring new territory in the west while embracing my southern heritage. I am touching ground, getting to the basics, and listening.I hand build each sculpture, primarily using thick coils, and fire three to five times depending on the color and surface I am trying to achieve. I approach color on clay as a painter. My palette is a combination of oxides, slips, underglazes, and glazes. The form of the piece informs how I should approach the surface.  

Clay Abiquiu Vessel by Artist Debra Fritts

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