Sixteen assorted 4 x 9¼ in. blank notecards (4 each of 4 designs) with envelopes in a decorative box.Without sounding any great fanfare of her own, Georgia O’Keeffe quietly repudiated the noisy manifestos declared by many of her artistic contemporaries. She sailed in a boat of her own design, making spectacular waves as she progressed but rarely consenting to discuss her paintings or the remarkable sensibility that gave rise to them.O’Keeffe (1887–1986) was born in a tiny Wisconsin town on the edge of the vast northern wilderness, and she never abandoned her rather rowdy Midwesternness despite her peripatetic life. She attended and then taught school in the South, rose to enormous success in New York, where her paintings awed critics and public audiences alike, and lived for nearly sixty years in New Mexico. There she refined the simplicity that reveals itself so powerfully in her art. Her images of bleached bones and austere deserts, her soaring cityscapes, her huge, erotically charged flowers, and—perhaps most powerfully of all—her gravely ecstatic landscapes speak with great force of the subtlety of her mind, the grace of her hand, and the thoughtful delight she found in the physical world. Contains four each of the following notecards: Lake George, Autumn, 1927 Taos Mountain, New Mexico, 1930 Hills Before Taos, 1930 Mountains to the North, Autumn, Lake George, New York, 1922

Note Cards: Georgia O’Keeffe Landscapes