The journey of these pizzas begins in Napoli, Italy, where their master chefs handcraft each pizza respecting the ancient recipes and traditions. They use only natural Italian ingredients without any preservatives or addatives. The sourdough is prepared using proprietary processes and left to rise fore 24 hours. After baking, the pizzas are put to sleep in a cryogenic flash chamber which allows them to travel all the way from Naples to your table at The Grand Hacienda in Abiquiu!


 The Margherita pizza portrays the colors of the Italian flag: Green basil, white mozzarella, red tomatoes. The pizza weighs around 14.01 ounces and is around 10-11" in diameter.Talia Di Napoli believes pizza is more than just a meal or a pastime— it’s an art form, it’s an obsession, it’s a way of life. As proud fourth-generation Napolitanos, they started Talia Di Napoli to represent the beloved city’s sacred pizza heritage using only time-honored traditions and the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

Pizza - Margherita pizza from Naples, Italy