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The Grand Hacienda Estate with Abiquiu Lake and mountains in the background

The Grand Hacienda Estate Inn

Completed in 2020, The Grand Hacienda was built to give guests an entirely different experience over other lodging options in the area. The stillness here is intense and beautiful. With no noise or light pollution, we are definitely in The Land of Enchantment. Bright starry nights, incredible sunrises and sunsets, and vast magnificent views of Abiquiú Lake, Ghost Ranch, red rocks and flat-top mesas are all part of the wonder. While the land is magical, The Grand Hacienda is a work of art.


The Hacienda’s design and build took three years and is likely one of the most complex buildings in northern New Mexico. By blending hacienda and adobe architectural styles with eco and green features, the estate is a stunning display of authenticity and modern convenience. We are honored to live in this environment and respect that we are the current stewards of this land.

The Grand Hacienda is open year-round, and is an adults-only (age 16 and older) and pet-free property.

The Grand Haciend guest suite portales from the road
Adobe hacienda entrance from the Grand Plaza, animal skull, pottery and blooming flowers.p

The Hacienda was built mainly from earth and organic materials, native to the region. The use of adobe (Spanish for mudbrick), plaster, reclaimed local wood, straw and clay are common Spanish and Mexican architecture traditions and were used throughout the Hacienda. Just as ancient villages were built around a central plaza for protection, a central gated inner courtyard plaza opens to all guest rooms and common areas.

Aerial view of The Grand Hacienda courtyard
Suite entry from the inside, curved top door

Arched guest suite doorways are a recognizable hacienda feature. Vigas, wooden rafter beams with a rough cut texture, carry the weight of the roof and attractively line the ceiling. Each viga, door, and lintel (beam above windows and doors) are handmade. White and muted hand-troweled plaster walls and rustic wood structures are featured throughout the estate.

Abiquiu Lake Suite and vigas ceiling

A kiva fireplace, named and designed after the historical and spiritual term “kiva,” sits in The Great Room. Kivas were originally underground, round and large rooms used for ceremonies by the Pueblo people. All of these traditional features along with the furniture, artwork and pottery, capture the essence of hacienda design. As the hacienda was designed, built and furnished, every detail mattered.

Exhlale near the glow of the kiva fireplace with wine and fruit
Beautiful red rocks, junipers, sage, and rolling green.png

Green Features

Among the reclaimed wood, vigas, lintels, adobe and hand-troweled plaster are hidden features in the walls and floors. Grey water is captured and used to water trees and increase energy efficiency. Given the need for water conservation in the Southwest, water and solar reclamation was a requirement when designing The Hacienda. 


Solar panels are installed on the roof to collect and absorb the sun’s heat, which is then transformed into electricity. We sell the electricity back to the power company, but the amount generated covers most of our usage. 

The Grand Hacienda Eco Green Travel, solar panels on roof
Floors EMFs

In addition to the solar electricity, we have installed two hybrid water heaters in our greenhouse that pulls the heat out of the greenhouse and puts it under the floors for warmth. Made of concrete, the floors are heated by over one mile of piping throughout the property. The water heater units cool our greenhouse and reduce the amount of energy required to heat the floors. Guests control their suite’s heating and cooling, including the radiant heating in the floors. On those chilly nights, your feet will appreciate the warm steps you take.

We’re grounded here, literally. Since concrete slab is insulated on all sides to be eco-friendly, we have inserted a copper grounding rod to re-ionize the floor, reconnecting us to the earth. We believe that earthing (placing your body in direct contact with the earth) brings about the free flow of electrons from the ground into your body. This helps re-energize and is important for cell growth and health. 

Comfortable and bright Abiquiu Lake suite

Effort was taken to limit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) frequencies throughout the home. EMFs are usually all around us –– everywhere. Bluetooth, microwaves, WiFi, and dirty electricity (erratic spikes and surges along power lines and building wiring) consume the spaces around and through us. Although we have not completely eliminated them at The Grand Hacienda, we have employed state-of-art building methods to greatly reduce your contact with EMFs. For example, there are no electrical cables behind your bed and electrical outlets and lines in the walls are shielded in metal casing to prevent EMFs from entering the rooms.

We harvest produce from our onsite organic greenhouse. This allows us to use the freshest ingredients in our gourmet meals, while leaving the surrounding land undisturbed. We have designed it to maximize energy and water conservation. 

Water Conservation

Water is a scare resource in the desert and must be protected. In the Southwest, freshwater reserves are shrinking as climate change affects rivers across the region impacting millions of people and food sources. Of the world’s water, approximately 97% is salty or otherwise undrinkable. Less than 2% is locked in ice and glaciers. That leaves just 1% for consumption by all living creatures, including plants and animals. As the Lakota people of the north say, Mní wičóni, meaning water is life. We are all responsible to take part in conserving this essential resource and reduce unnecessary waste.

Abiquiu Lake From Hacienda Property 1a.png

Here are simple ways you can join in the water conservation effort:

• Alert us if you notice any leaks in your room

• Turn off the water while you wash your hair or shave in the shower

• Take shorter showers and long soaks in the hot tub

• Don’t let water run when shaving, brushing teeth or washing your face 

• When washing your hands, turn the water off while you lather 

• Reuse towels

• Don’t let the water run unnecessarily during food prep or clean up

Rio Chama from above in Abiquiu 2.png


The movement of ecotourism (eco travel) continues to gain popularity. An environmentally responsible way to travel that prioritizes conservation, it leaves low visitor impact and allows for socio-economic involvement of local peoples.

In northern New Mexico, this type of travel aligns with the tradition of our Indigenous peoples to center ecological stewardship and sustainable management of the land as they did for thousands of years. Generation after generation, they transferred ecological knowledge and cultivated traditions.

Window of Adobe Ruin with door in background__Abiquiu Village

Ecotourism also brings a respect for Indigenous culture and heritage, rather than seeing it as a commodity.

It’s really a difference between being a stereotypical “tourist” versus being a visitor. A visitor brings a willingness to learn, act responsibly and respect the greater hosts––the land, residents, and culture.

Natural Surroundings

The Hacienda is located off of Abiquiú Lake, ten miles out of town, surrounded by a terrain of majestic beauty that is waiting to be explored. As you wind around the road above the lake, you will see The Grand Hacienda perched on the top of the mesa overlooking the water, red rocks and vast landscape. It takes trip on a dirt road to reach this paradise, and you won't find streetlights, stop signs, traffic lights or O'Keeffe busses. What you will find is place of wellness, of peace, stillness, beauty and a sanctuary

Rainbow over New Mexico land and Abiquiu Lake

We are biased, but we believe this spot is unlike anywhere else on earth, and yet, it is right here in northern New Mexico. Watch ravens and eagles fly past the windows and hear their wings flap overhead as you sit outside on the portal. View stars and galaxies from the hot tub at night. With spectacular views in every direction, the Hacienda is truly one-of-a-kind and is the perfect stay for adults wanting a decadent and recharging experience amidst the beauty of northern New Mexico landscape.  

Certifications, Licenses & Memberships

We are proud to be a New Mexico Safe Certified hospitality location, trained in COVID-Safe Practices to offer our guests the highest level of service, provide the most comfortable stay, and keep you and our staff safe. The only Abiquiú area bed and breakfast to have received this designation, it shows our commitment to keeping everyone safe. 

The Grand Hacienda holds New Mexico Bed and Breakfast and liquor licenses, and is a member of the New Mexico Bed and Breakfast Association and is a member of Select Registry's distinctive inns.

The Grand Plaza and 20 acres to explore
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