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A large part of The Grand Hacienda Experience focuses on enhancing personal well-being. It’s about recharging, refreshing and enjoying life. It’s about soaking up the beauty around you, whether from the meal you eat or the activities you choose. It’s about breathing deep and exhaling. It’s joy.

Wellness is accessible to all guests, from hiking the land; enjoying healthy, nutritional food offerings; using yoga mats to practice on your private terrace; scheduling an in-suite massage; or enjoying intentional morning sunlight to increase alertness, boost mood, lower stress, and improve sleep quality.


The Hacienda –– with its earthed floors and minimization of EMFs –– was designed with wellness in mind. In addition to the overall experience and setting, read more about the activities, food, drink and enhancements that will make your stay a wonderful of time of wellness.


The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years and millions of people practice worldwide. With a focus on breathing, yoga aims settle your mind and center yourself as you build flexibility and strength. At The Grand Hacienda, we provide yoga mats, blocks and the perfect surrounding. Feel free to practice on your own on your private portal or join in with others on the shared portal outside of the great room. 

Abiquiu Lake and Pedernal Mountain

Water Activities

One of the benefits of staying at The Grand Hacienda is access to Abiquiú Lake. Swim, fish, float or bring your kayaks and SUPs to navigate the lake. And with the Rio Chama close by, don't miss out on a rafting or funyak trip. The Army Corps of Engineers installed a river surf wave by the dam as part of a restoration project on the Rio Chama.

Man getting relaxing massage for wellness


Relax, restore and rebalance with an onsite sixty or ninety minute massage, which will take place in your suite or on your private outdoor portal. Our therapist has over 22 years in massage experience and is able to suit your needs, whether it is a light Swedish or a deeper therapeutic session. Add-ons include biomat (beneficial light wave mat) with massage, stand-alone full-sized biomat and cupping. Reach out to us to schedule.

Woman getting hand massaged

Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub can improve your circulation and reduce your blood pressure. Most of all, it’s the perfect thing to relax you after a long day of activities. The hot bubbly water eases aches and pains, while the view of the land and starry sky calms your mind. It’s perfect.

Hot tub splash


Hiking improves your mental and physical health. It’s known to strengthen muscles and bones, lower your blood pressure, improve your balance and better your heart health. But most of all, it’s fun! Guests receive detailed information on area hikes that can be explored alone or with an experienced guide, on The Hacienda’s 20 acres, Ghost Ranch or other area hiking destinations. Guests are encouraged to travel quietly and lightly on the land. Cultural artifacts are to never be removed or disturbed. 

Fresh fruit, organic herbs and local produce


The benefits of eating healthful food are plenty –– from boosted immunity to lowering risks of heart disease. From supporting muscles and strengthening bones to bettering memory and alertness. By harvesting from our onsite organic greenhouse to buying eggs and produce from local farmers, we prioritize fresh, healthful meals at The Hacienda. We know that the more colorful food on the plate, the more benefits to your body. Even when making delicious, sweet treats, we try to add nutritional value. Learn more about our food, coffee and tea on our Food & Drink page.

Onsite organic greenhouse grown herbs and produce

Coffee, Tea & Wine

Coffee, tea and wine are known to be high in antioxidants, a substance that neutralizes free radicals and helps to prevent disease. We serve Arabica coffee, with double antioxidant levels and beans that are 100% mold and mycotoxin free. They are grown sustainably and hand-picked to ensure the most healthful cup. We partner with Art of Tea, whose mission to impact as many lives as possible through tea. Finally, wine from our cellar collection is available for purchase. Our wines vary in price and region. We can help you choose the perfect glass to sip and enjoy.

Wellness Wine The Grand Hacienda.png

Bocce Ball

A game of bocce ball is a fun way to relieve stress. A light cardio activity, it can improve your coordination and flexibility as it requires you to stretch and bend to throw the ball. We find that the most beneficial aspect of bocce ball is emotional health. It is the perfect time to laugh with friends, breathe in the fresh air and soak up the gorgeous view. 

Providing safe and clean environments is a priority for our guests and staff. We are NM Safe Certified, trained in safe practices, and always committed to enhanced levels of cleanliness. Our remote location is the perfect setting to escape the stress of life, renew, and relax. No worries.

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