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Couple toasting glasses of wine with Abiquiu Lake in the background

Food & Drink

In such incredible surroundings, having our food and beverages match makes sense. In our tradition of fine hospitality, food and drink are important to The Grand Hacienda experience. We take great care in serving delicious, beautiful, healthful food, plated with intention and artistic flair.

Enjoy the freshness of organic produce grown in our onsite greenhouse. We prefer to source our food from local farmers providing many farm-to-table meals. Come for the suites, gasp at the views, and leave talking about the food.

The company you share your meals with is just as important as the food itself. Savor the experience at a private table or engage in meaningful conversations with other guests at a shared table. Either way, create lasting memories.

(Food offerings at The Grand Hacienda are available for registered guests only - to ensure a relaxing and intimate stay for our guests, we are not open to the public.)



Every morning at 8:30 am, we serve a delicious Chef's choice three-course breakfast. The menu changes daily to feature our greenhouse-grown, seasonal, local, and organic produce. Our eggs are fresh from a small farm in the village, and we often pick them up the same morning we serve them to you.

For our plant-based guests, vegan or vegetarian, just let us know your preference when you register so we can prepare for your meals.

Yogurt sundae with fruit and nuts
Delicious Omelet Potatoes and Sausage Tower
Coffee Tea
Hot steamy foamy coffee

Coffee & Tea

We believe every day should start with coffee or tea steaming in your mug, warming your hands and your spirit.


The specialty coffee station in the Great Room (opens as early as 7 am –– sometimes earlier), serves roasted coffee beans that have double the antioxidant levels of most coffees and are 100% mold and mycotoxin free. The beans are grown sustainably, hand-picked and carefully selected.

Happy Art of Tea with lake in background

Shared Kitchen & Mercado

Guests are welcome to prepare individual meals in the shared kitchen, which is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes and seasonings. You can also purchase frozen foods or snacks through our Mercado gift shop. Frozen pizza directly from Naples, Italy? Famous Chicago Pizza? Frozen burritos and bowls? We've got you covered!

Beautiful guest kitchen.jpg

Lunch on Your Own

We recommend that you shop for groceries and supplies in Santa Fe or Española on your way to Abiquiú. After you pass through Española, there is a local general store in Abiquiú (Bode's) but no large grocery chains. You may also order treats and frozen dinners from the Mercado.

If you feel like venturing into the village––about a 30 minute drive from The Grand Hacienda––you may enjoy dining at several local restaurants.

Afternoon snack cheesecake chocolate fruit


After a day of exploration or relaxation, return to The Hacienda to find either a sweet afternoon treat waiting for you in The Great Room or a scheduled evening happy hour.

You might indulge in a slice of decadent cheesecake; our famous chocolate, peanut butter, caramel brownies; warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven; or fruit tarts bursting with the flavors of local fruits. Or, maybe it is a savory day and you will find a cheese plate with grapes and crackers.

When we have a scheduled Happy Hour, join us in The Great Room for the clinking of glasses, the murmur of conversation, and the warm aroma of various grape varietals. Of course, you are also welcome to take your glass of wine back to your suite for a more intimate experience. Enjoy wine tastings; explore New Mexico wines; or enjoy a glass from Tom's wine cellar. Don't want wine? Savor a cup of tea instead!

People have wine in a plunge pool for happy hour
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There are several local restaurants in the village to choose from for lunch and dinner. Or, the shared kitchen onsite is available for you to prepare your own dinner - you will find everything you need except the ingredients!


For those evenings when you don't want to leave the serenity of The Grand Hacienda, we have you covered. Enjoy a hosted meal that balances health and gourmet indulgence, where fresh, seasonal ingredients take center stage. Lean protein, complex carbohydrates, power greens and vibrant colors create a visually and nutritionally balanced plate. Sides are not just afterthought, but an integral part of the meal. Each side dish complements the main course while adding unique flavors and textures. 

One dinner selection is provided each evening; the first guests to make a dinner reservation select and set the menu for the evening.


Dinner reservations must be made in advance; you can add your order as an enhancement when you make your reservation. 

Charcuterie board
Delicious dinner on the Lakeside Portal

The Grand Hacienda Bed and Breakfast meets certain criteria for the New Mexico Environment Department; therefore, the food is prepared in a kitchen that is not regulated and inspected by the regulatory authority. (NMCA

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