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New Book! Discover Abiquiú From A to Z

Take an alphabetical journey through Abiquiú and northern New Mexico to discover everything from the village of Abiquiú to Santa Fe’s Zozobra! Each page turn highlights the history, culture, events, stories and beauty of Abiquiú and the surrounding area.  From dinosaurs and volcanoes, cattle rustlers and Ghost Ranch, lakes and rivers, to artist Georgia O’Keeffe – original, breathtaking illustrations and detailed descriptions are your companion while you Discover Abiquiú from A to Z! 

Order from our site to receive a signed copy! Shipping charge is $5.00. Or, pick up your signed copy at The Grand Hacienda Inn on Abiquiu Lake!

Author Carolyn Calfee Discover Abiquiu from A to Z
About the Author, Illustrator and Designer

Author Carolyn Calfee is the owner of Abiquiú’s luxury bed and breakfast inn, The Grand Hacienda Estate. Calfee lives on Abiquiú Lake with her husband, Tom. Carolyn  has a great appreciation for the history, culture, and geology of the area. In Discover Abiquiú from A to Z, she takes her readers on a visual and written journey through the region, sharing her love and knowledge of area sights while pages come alive with gorgeous, captivating illustrations. You can reach Carolyn at


Wendy Cuyler is a renown artist and painter, making her home in Midland, Texas, with her husband, Chris. “I love finding beauty in hidden places, like a surprise that takes your breath away,” Cuyler says. She came to Abiquiú on a bucket list adventure to visit where Georgia O’Keeffe painted and absolutely fell in love with the scenery and the people. “Visiting Abiquiú was like finding a missing piece of myself,” says Cuyler.


The design, layout, and presentation of the book are the result of the creative vision of Anne Marie Arndt, owner of 24 25 creative. She has a long-lasting love of the area and appreciates the inspirational landscapes, rich cultural traditions, and calming remoteness. To her, it’s a magical place to discover.

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