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A Sense of Place

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Tom and I just made a major life move - we sold our home in Texas, put most everything into storage, and moved out to Abiquiu Lake while we build our new home nearby. We've been coming out to Abiquiu for about 11 years, and managing our vacation rental business for about ten years, but living here is so different. Knowing we don't have to pack up and leave, realizing that this is -- home.

There is a sense of peace here in the Land of Enchantment. The quietness, the stillness, the darkness. The absolute beauty. No light pollution. No noise pollution. We see millions of stars at night. We hear the flapping of the wings of birds as they fly above us.

Abiquiu, NM
Reflection in the Land of Enchantment

It really is extraordinarily beautiful.

We've given up modern conveniences for a more authentic way of life. We pick up our mail instead of having it delivered, and we look forward to conversations with neighbors at the post office. We drive our trash and garbage to the local spot instead of putting it out on the curb. We preserve water as a precious commodity in this desert region. We really plan before we grocery shop, because it's a day trip. We cook healthy meals at home and eat with friends. I drive my car in "gravel" mode over our dirt and rocky roads. We rarely turn on the TV and choose not to follow news most days. Neighbors help neighbors and there is a true community.

And, the community is incredibly interesting. Our neighbors - neighbors span about 40 miles out here - include current and former financial executives, engineers, airline pilots, marketing experts, artists, potters, wind turbine gurus, yoga and medication teachers, life coaches, authors, train engineers, architects, chiropractors, inventors, farmers and more. They are all interesting, intelligent and kind. They explore everything from aliens, to buried treasures, to organic living, to Buddha, to woodworking, to art, to animal rescuing, to outdoor adventures, to bee keeping, and more.

And so this is what The Land of Enchantment means to us. Looking out the window at the red rocks that are millions of years old. At the lake. The sky. With our community. We are truly blessed.

Abiquiu, NM
Abiquiu area landscape

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