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Ten notecards with ten envelopes; 5 each of two designs.

Born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Georgia O’Keeffe carried the prairie’s simplicity and strength with her as she strove to convey the essence of her subjects’ spirit and form.

Over the course of a dozen years spent chiefly in New York, where the impresario, photographer, and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz championed O’Keeffe, her paintings awed critics and public audiences. O’Keeffe (1887-1986) began to visit the Southwest in the late 1920s, eventually making her home in New Mexico. There she refined the directness of vision that reveals itself so powerfully in her art.

Bursting with brazen color and blazing light, O’Keeffe’s sensually charged flowers and bold landscapes speak evocatively of the thoughtful delight she took in the physical world. A Sunflower from Maggie is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Sunflower, New Mexico I is in that of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Note Cards - O’Keeffe Sunflowers

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