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Dining: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Food is an important part of the experience at The Grand Hacienda!  Read more about food, farm-to-table, and sustainability here.


Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! We believe that sharing a meal is an important part of life, and food is a powerful energy to nourish our bodies. That's why every breakfast should be a feast, an inspiring ambience around the table. We grow our own herbs and many vegetables on site and try to source as much as we can from local farmers and ranchers. Our eggs are fresh from a small farm in the village, and often we pick them up the same morning that we serve them to you! Even with our sweet dishes, we use ingredients that add a nutritional value.  

Because we love coffee, we believe every morning should start with a wonderful coffee, latte, cappuccino or tea.  Coffee is available in your room, and the specialty coffee station opens as early as 7 am (sometimes earlier). You are always welcome to use a K-cup for easy coffee, or use the machine for our roasted coffee beans that have double the anti-oxidant levels of most coffees, and are 100% mold and mycotoxin free. The beans are grown sustainably, hand-picked and carefully selected.


Our gourmet breakfast menu varies each day and usually alternates between sweet and savory. Regardless of the day, we focus on delicious and healthy and strive to feature what is seasonal and locally grown. We want breakfast to be a big part of your daily experience with us. 


Because of the time and love put into breakfast, we serve it at 8:00 each morning in The Great Room. Mingle with your hosts and other guests in the Great Room to discuss your plans for the day or opt to dine separately for a more intimate experience.  You are welcome to eat indoors in The Great Room, find a table on the lakeside portal or in the hacienda plaza, or in your suite.

Breakfast specialties include our famous Ham and Cheese Savory Dutch Baby, Banana Bread French Toast, the TOMelette, Red Pepper and Onion Frittata, our New Mexico breakfast burrito, smoked ham, sausage towers, homemade sweets, and more.


You are on your own for lunch, that is, if you are hungry after your breakfast!


We recommend that you shop for groceries and supplies in Santa Fe or Espanola on your way to Abiquiú. After you pass through Espanola, there is a local general store in Abiquiú (Bode's) but no large grocery chains.

Guests are welcome to prepare individual meals in the shared kitchenette, which is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes and seasonings.


The kitchenette has everything you will need to prepare a meal, and you are always welcome to purchase frozen foods or snacks through our Mercado gift shop. Frozen pizza directly from Naples, Italy? Famous Chicago Pizza? Frozen burritos and bowls? We've got you covered!

Or, you may enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants in the village.


You are welcome to prepare your own dinner in our shared kitchen or on our infrared BBQ grill. Or, you may order from the Mercado - pizzas direct from Italy, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and more.

If you feel like venturing into the village, about a 30 minute drive from The Grand Hacienda, you may enjoy dining at several local restaurants.

For those evenings when you don't want to leave the serenity of The Grand Hacienda, we have you covered. We offer wonderful, catered meals that will be set up for you in The Great Room. You can email us to order, or add the dinner as an enhancement when you make your reservation. 

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