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"Stand Still, and Learn to Be Astonished."

58 artists. 25 different studio/stops. Photography, paintings, sculpture, metal work, wood work, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, soaps, candles, masks, birdhouses – and more.

The 25th annual #AbiquiuStudioTour did not disappoint!

As we drove from studio stop to studio stop, following the well-marked route with map in hand (and on the phone map), we discussed the awesome job the tour planners did this year – large pink flags marked the studios along the road, studio numbers were vivid and easy to see – making the free, self-guided tour a wonderful experience in The Land of Enchantment.

It’s not often that you can actually visit an artist’s studio. It’s a sacred place, one that is home to creative energy and moments of love, joy and frustration. Artists are on hand to guide you through their studio, their art, their creative expression. We learned how one artist was inspired to create an entire series of small pieces based on poet #MaryOliver's quote, "Stand still, and learn to be astonished."

And, that is exactly what we did throughout the day. #Astonishment.

Every piece tells a story, and the story is best told by the artist him/herself. We loved seeing the materials and supplies used by the various artists, and meeting them in the place where they create. Seeing the art, hearing the stories. Standing still, listening and being astonished.

And, of course, the artists are happy to sell their work, and we saw lines of people purchasing original art along the way. #BuyLocal.

We also were struck by the beauty that surrounds the artists’ studios in this Abiquiú region. Along the river, in the village, in a vineyard – these artists have much to be inspired by. One just needs to glance out a window or step outdoors to be inspired by natural beauty at its best.

If you missed the tour, you are in luck - the tour runs through end of day tomorrow, October 8. Otherwise, make your plans now to visit Abiquiú over Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day weekend in 2019 (October 12, 13, 14) – and don't forget to book your lodging soon at The Grand Hacienda because this popular weekend will sell out. And, where you stay in Abiquiú matters!

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