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Your New Mexico Bucket List

Updated: May 17, 2023

Is Abiquiú, New Mexico on your bucket list? If not, we think it should be.

While Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos and Los Alamos attract over 6 million visitors each year, it is the village of Abiquiú that we believe is the hidden gem – and no visit to New Mexico is complete without spending time in Abiquiú: The Land of Enchantment, the Home of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Dinosaurs, Native Americans, Spanish explorers, and castle wrestlers all called this land home.  The village of Abiquiú is thought to be the beginning of The Old Spanish Trail which linked Santa Fe and Los Angeles. Georgia O’Keeffe made Abiquiú famous and today you can still see the vistas represented in her paintings.  It’s no surprise, but Hollywood found Abiquiú and many films have been produced here, including Magnificent Seven; the 4th Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Cowboys and Aliens; City Slickers; Wyatt Earp; The Last Outlaw and many others. 

There are many places you will want to explore:

Abiquiú Lake and the Chama River offer rafting, fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking

Kayaking #AbiquiuLake

Beautiful hiking at Ghost Ranch, Pedernal, Plaza Blanca, Carson National Forest

Hiking #Pedernal

Art galleries and tours – and everything Georgia O’Keeffe. The new Georgia O'Keeffe Welcome Center, which opened mid-2018, is a beautiful building complete with a gift shop, tours, and a movie of her life.

Spiritual connections at Christ Monastery in the Desert and Chimayo

Native American culture, pueblos, ruins, festivals and pottery

#Bandelier National Monument

With so much to do, see and discover, we think the most important part of your trip is where you stay – your home base as you explore. There are options – the local inn, one of many vacation homes, rooms in owner’s homes or attached to their homes, and even teepees. But The Grand Hacienda Estate is the luxury choice to relax, renew and restore...all in the beautiful location of Abiquiú Lake.

Check out The Grand Hacienda Inn on your next visit...we won't disappoint you.


Learn more, see more and make your reservation today at #TheGrandHacienda at When you book direct with us – either through our website or via phone - you are guaranteed the lowest price and will never pay booking fees.

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